MCIA was established in 1979 to provide a means of bringing social and cultural events to the then small Indian community of less than 50 families. Since then, MCIA has done significant work for social and cultural development in the Bloomington-Normal community. It continues to play a large role in serving, leading and representing the Indian community.

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  1. To promote Asian Indian culture and values among its members.
  2. To promote participation in community volunteering and charitable activities.
  3. To promote leadership, volunteerism, sports, and educational activities for its youth members.
  4. To promote cross-cultural awareness and understanding about India and Indian culture in the broader community.
  5. To promote collaborations with various organizations to benefit the Bloomington-Normal community.


MCIA bylaws were approved on October 1st 2016 by a majority of MCIA 2016 members voting “Yes”.

Please click here to read the bylaws.


MCIA celebrates the following main events :
  1. Jan : Indian Republic Day
  2. Feb : Youth Open House
  3. Aug : Indian Independence Day
  4. Sep : Festival of India
  5. Nov : Annual Banquet


1979 Mr. Sharad Chitgopekar 2000 Mrs. Asha Chandak
1980 Mr. Jeevan Patel 2001 Mr. Prasanna Mate
1981 Mr. Balwant Singh 2002 Mr. Nilesh(Neal) Shah
1982 Mr. Rao Duvvuri 2003 Mr. Mandava V Rao
1983 Mr. Ramesh Chaudhari 2004 Mr. Gulshan Bhayana
1984 Mr. Shri Gupta 2005 Mr. Chandra Shekara
1985 Mrs. Usha Kapoor 2006 Mr. Rakesh Gulati
1986 Mr. V. K. Unni 2007 Mr. Vinod Thaker
1987 Mr. Ram Bhat 2008 Mr. Vinod Nambiar
1988 Mr. Rammohan Mundlapudi 2009 Mr. Rajendra Joshi
1989 Mrs. Savita Patel 2010 Mr. Ramesh Chilla
1991 Mrs. Suneeti Chitgopekar 2011 Mr. Suresh Krishna
1992 Mrs. Narinder Sethi 2012 Mrs. Jyotsna Gupta
1993 Mr. Balwant Singh 2013 Mr. Hemant Kale
1994 Mr. Narendra Jaggi 2014 Mr. Ajay Kalavala
1995 Mr. Narendra Jaggi 2015 Mrs. Uma Kallakuri
1996 Mrs. Anita Deoskar 2016 Mrs. Archana Shekara
1997 Mr. Harish Patel 2017 Mr. Srinivas Mikkilineni
1998 Mr. Surender Sethi 2018 Mr. Ajay K Rolla
1999 Mr. Ramesh Chaudhari 2019 Mr. Karthik Goteti