Tennis Singles Tournament & Schedule

MCIA Out-door Open Tennis Singles Tournament : Click here to see the Schedules

  1. Men - Adults
  2. Boys - High School
  3. Boys - Junior High
  4. Ladies - Adults
  5. Girls - High School
  6. Girls - Junior High

Boys and girls of lower grades are welcome to compete in a higher grade category, if they are willing. For example, a 5th grader may register to play in the Junior High section, a 8th grader may compete in the High School section and a High School student may compete in the adults section.

Registration Fee:
  • MCIA members - Adults - $5 per player
  • MCIA members - Junior High & High School - Free
  • Non-MCIA members - Adults - $10 per player
  • Non-MCIA members - Junior High & High School - $5 per player

Last Date for Registration: MAY 12th 2008

Tournament Start Date: MAY 31st 2008

REGISTRATION: E-Mail the registration entries to OURMCIA@GMAIL.COM

Details required for registration are:
  1. Participant name
  2. Category he/she participates
  3. Contact phone number and
  4. e-mail address

For any clarifications, please contact the following: Shreekanthappa Gaddad - 309 735 3143, Nilesh Shah - 309 750 9666 (Cell), Suresh Kumar Kallakuri - 309 661 9371,

Note: Tennis Balls will be provided for the games and players are expected to bring their tennis racquets. If the number of registered participants in any category is less than 8, we may not conduct the tournament in that category. So encourage your friends to participate in this fun filled tournament. Details of the ground rules will be distributed to the participating players.

MCIA encourages you to become a member of the organization to enjoy member benefits. Annual Family Membership - $25 and Annual single membership - $15.

If you have not renewed your membership, please hand over the check to one of the committee members or you can also drop the check at any one of the MCIA events.

Sports Committee - MCIA 2008

MCIA's Mega Sponsors for 2008 :

1) Dev Mandhyan

2) Dr. Sharon R. Weaver & Dr. Jennifer S. Dameron