Kala Utsav (कला उत्सव) 2018

Dear All,
The count down for one of the biggest cultural shows in Bloomington/Normal has begun. MCIA proudly presents 'Kala Utsav (कला उत्सव2018' - A program for Kids and Adults to showcase their talent on the beautiful BCPA stage in the midst of colorful lights.
Registrations will open on Monday (March 12th) at 9pm.

Please register here for cultural programs:
General Guidelines:
  1. All registrations must be submitted to ourmcia@gmail.com before April 1st 2018. All stage participants must and should be current MCIA members for 2018.
  2. The duration for each dance event can be for a maximum of 4 minutes with a minimum of 4 people on stage throughout the performance. For Skits, the maximum allowed duration is 7 minutes (including setting up of props) with a minimum of 4 people.
  3. Special programs like Mono Acting, Mimicry, Ventriloquism and Mime can be performed solo with a time limit of 3 mins at the maximum.
  4. Religious, Regional and/or Politically Sensitive Audio (songs, phrases, poetry, and so on), Performances and/or Visuals will not be encouraged.
  5. Movie songs will NOT be repeated to maintain the uniqueness of each program. Songs will be allocated on ‘First come First serve’ basis. All songs must be in MP3 format only.
  6. All participants in group events and solos must be older than 5 years.
  7. Fancy Dress Entries: All Participants must be older than 3 years.
  8. Lyrics for all songs should be age appropriate and neat.
  9. Rehearsals for group events will happen a week before, all participants are expected to attended rehearsals on time.
  10. On the day of the event, the coordinator and their entire team should be present near the stage, 30 mins before their program starts.
  11. We request each community (Ex, Telugu, Tamil, Marati, Gujarati) to have an exclusive program to showcases their state culture, tradition, attire etc. This can be 7-8 min program and should be named exclusively. One such program will be allowed for each state on ‘First come First serve’ basis.
  12. Photos & Names of the groups will be displayed on the screen, during the performance on stage. All coordinators will need to submit a photo of their respective groups or individuals along with participant names.
  13. Participants participating in pure classical dance and in fashion show will get an exception to participate in one other program.

Kalautsav Tribute to Sridevi

MCIA calls for interested female dance enthusiasts(16 years and up) to participate in an energetic, spirited, vibrant & emotional tribute to our late Superstar Sridevi. This will be one of the special performances of the evening in MCIA's 'Kala Utsav' @BCPA, hence we request for entries from committed participants only, preferably with dancing and acting skills.

Please register using the below link to participate in this program. Deadline for registration is April 13th Midnight.


For more information, please contact our program coordinators.

1. Krishnapriya - 309.307.3823
2. Kathik - 571.438.7810

For any other questions, pls contact ourmcia@gmail.com

Important Note: Please note that the cultural registration for Kala Utsav has been extended to April 15th keeping in view the other events in Bloomington/Normal.

kalautsav kids fashion show

MCIA calls for participants in 'Kids Fashion Show' on May 6th @ kala Utsav.

Participating Kids should be of age between 2 & 10 years

Please use the below Link to register:

For additional questions, please contact ourmcia@gmail.com or below mentioned program coordinators:

Urmy Das - 610-393-1074
Bijoya Sahu - 610-393-1074
Avuna Ravichandran - 309-826-8447


MCIA Cultural committee reserves the right to accept/reject entries based on the above guide lines.

Thank you,
2018 Kala Utsav Cultural Committee.