Men's Doubles & Mixed Doubles Shuttle Badminton Tournament 2018

Men's Doubles & Mixed Doubles Shuttle Badminton Tournament 2018


MCIA brings to you Men’s doubles and Mixed doubles shuttle badminton event Tournaments for (16 and up boys) Men and Women. 
Gatherup at Gametime Gym for a Shuttle Badminton competition. Due to logistics concerns, this is going to be doubles only event, so please register along with your partner. If you are unable to find a partner to play with, we will try our best, to pair you up with someone, on the event day. You are required to bring your own rackets. All other sports gear like Shuttle cocks, nets will be provided.
Register ASAP by clicking on the below link

For any question please send an email to

Note: Last day for registration is Feb 14th 9pm.
Please check the attached flyer for more details. 

Also note that the event is for 2018 MCIA Members only. Please become a member now, if you have not already!! This can be done by giving checks in the name of ‘MCIA’ to one of our contacts mentioned below. 
Ajay Rolla - 309.826.0969
Samba Gurijala - 309.838.5254
Sailaja Lanka - 312.215.0767
Urmy Das - 309.433.4231
Karthik Goteti - 571.438.7810
Shweta Pejathaya - 309.750.1998

MCIA Sports Committee.