Dear MCIA Parents and Youth members

McLean County Indian Association “Youth Enrichment Program” 2017 [YEP]

The MCIA committee is excited with the success of the “Youth Enrichment Program” which began last year. We look forward to 2017!

YEP provides a rich experience guiding the youth in our Indian community to reach their goals. The program facilitates a greater understanding and rewarding experience to our youth. It nurtures their curiosity and responsibilities as an Indian American through presentations, workshops and filed trips. We invite our youth currently in 9th grade through 11th grade to apply.


1. Purpose

2. Program

3. Process


[a] Self Discovery

[b] Personal and Professional Personality Development


[a] 5 Interactions with a curriculum of two hours.
Each meeting will be with a professional speaker followed by a workshop

[b] Group and Individual projects

[c] The program fee: $150

[d] Graduation Certificates will be awarded at the MCIA Annual Banquet


The process includes 5 sections

1. Application

2. Selection

3. YEP schedule overview

4. Commitment

5. Important Dates

[a] Application :

1. Admission form

2. One Recommendation Letter [School teacher or Volunteered organization]

3. One personal Essay : “My Passion Towards Volunteerism” [300 minimum to 500 maximum words]

4. Application Fee : $10 [Checks payable to MCIA]

5. Please mail the application to : MCIA, PO BOX 375, Bloomington, IL 61702-0375, 309.825.1129

[b] Selection :

1. One group and one individual interview after the application due date

2. Selected candidates will be informed via email

[c] YEP Schedule Overview :

1. The program curriculum will start in March 2016 with one interaction per month until November 2016 excluding June to August

2. The Group and Individual projects will be scheduled in early May through December 2016

3. The Interactive Curriculum of five sessions will be based on :

  1. Cultural Identity
  2. Understanding Diversity
  3. Communication and Global Audience
  4. Interview and Prepping for College
  5. Leadership

[d] Commitment :

1. Attendance is mandatory

2. Assignment submission on time is crucial

3. There are no make up session. Missing one session will hinder the process of certification and the candidate will not receive the graduation certificate

[e] Important Dates :

1. Application Deadline : Monday, Feb. 22nd

2. Group and Individual Interview : Sunday, Feb. 28th 2016 [3 to 5 pm at Room 205, Center for Visual Arts, ISU]

3. MCIA will email the selected candidates on March 05, 2016

MCIA invites youth members to volunteer for these following events :-

1. Sat. 01.30 : Republic Day Celebration

2. Sat. 02.06 : Youth Open House

3. Sat. 03.19 : International Fair at ISU

4. Sat. 03.12 : Home Sweet Home (Youth)

5. Sat. 06.04 : College Ave. Clean Up (Youth)

6. Sat. 07.16 : 5K Run/Walk

7. Sat. 07.30 : College Ave. Clean Up (Youth)

8. Sun. 08.14 : Independence Day

9. Sat. 08.27 : College Ave. Clean Up (Youth)

10. Sat. 09.17 : Festival of India

11. Sat. 10.08 : Home Sweet Home (Youth)

12. Sat. 11.12 : Annual Banquet

Wishing you all the best,


Mr. Srinivas Mikkilineni, MCIA President 2017

Mr. Ajay Rollai, MCIA President 2018

& MCIA 2017 Team